Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Kettle with Infuser / Strainer Cherry Blossoms 30 Ounce ( 900 ml ) | Дом и сад

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Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Kettle with Infuser / Strainer Cherry Blossoms 30 Ounce ( 900 ml ) | Дом и

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CAST IRON BREWING - Cast Iron is Popular to Evenly Absorbs Heat. The Gradual And Even Heating From The Cast Iron Infuses The Greatest Amount of Flavor From The Tea Leaves Into The Water.
MASTERFUL DESIGN - In Addition to Its Excellent Heat Retention, It Includes a Stainless Steel Infuser For Loose or Bagged Tea That Ensures It Will Not Alter or Detract From The Taste of Your Brew. BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC - Cast Iron Teapot is As Much Decoration, Centerpiece And Conversation Starter as it is a Superior Brewing Device.
USE AND CARE - To Clean, Use Only Clean Water. Not Use Any Dish Washing Detergent.Do Not Leave Tea or Water In The Pot For Longer Than An Hour, And Dry Thoroughly After Each Use. Not Dishwasher Safe. GIFT - Great Gift for Dad, Friends, Family, Wedding And Tea Lovers. Exquisite Design Perfect For Tea Lovers.
iron pot boiled water containing divalent iron ions, so there will be spring water effect, which can effectively enhance the taste, very suitable for brewing all kinds of tea.
Not only can boil, also can continue to heat, the functional scope is wider, can be specially used to flush scented tea and fruit Tea,black tea, used to cook a variety of teas is also a good choice, because through the cast iron pot of boiling, can effectively remove the smell of tea, improve taste.
Improve Water Quality: make the water more soft, sweet, which can also improve the taste of tea.
Good Health: iron teapot in the heating process will continue to release Fe2+, easy to be absorbed by the body, you can supplement the body needs, so as to effectively prevent anemia.
So the tea contained in the tannin and iron pot dissolved in the iron, will be formed in the iron pot surface layer of tannin iron film, at the same time can remove the smell of the new pot. Boil the pot after the water drained, repeat 2-3 times until the water can be clear.
Daily use, please do not fill up, lest overflow after boiling. Iron pot used for about 5 days, the wall will appear scarlet spots, 10 days or so there will be white scale. This is a normal phenomenon, as long as the water is not cloudy does not affect the drink.
After each use, open a small fire in the pot of water to fully evaporate, and then dry with a soft cloth dry, keep the pot dry, do not the remaining water overnight. Prevents the iron pot from rusting, affects the service life.
colour: black
Material: cast iron
Package Contents:
1 * teapot
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

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