1PCS Motorcycle Electric Car Baby Seat Belt Child Rope Fixed Protection Safety Care take son to ride | Автомобили и мотоциклы

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1PCS Motorcycle Electric Car Baby Seat Belt Child Rope Fixed Protection Safety Care take son to ride | Автомобили и

Описание товара

Motorcycle adults and children are tied with safety belts, safety doubled, buckle styles.

[Material]: thicker senior webbing materia

[Specifications]: about 97-170 cm in length and about 5 cm in width (manual measurement, with 1-2 cm error)


【Sewing thread】:Using extra thick high-strength nylon thread, multi-car lane

【Color】: Rainbow color, classic black, fresh green, red edge, purple edge, pink stripes, pink orange stripes, a total of seven colors, large quantities can also be customized according to the requirements of the guest


【Usage】: Motorcycles and electric bicycles have a very high probability of accidents involving babies because children have low self-control and often experience accidents during braking or turning. This seat belt is specially produced for the baby's safety protection in motorcycles or motorcycles. It is a fixed child-specific model. It can effectively prevent the child from being thrown off the car due to start-up, turning, and sudden braking during the driving process of the motorcycle. The accident occurs, and it can effectively prevent the baby in the driving car from falling asleep, losing concentration, and not grasping firmly. Accidents occurred outside the car. The fabric is made of high-grade polyester webbing. The products are meticulously finished, and some of them are stitched and sturdy. The belt is very comfortable and very wear-resistant. The product has strong tensile strength, is very strong, and has a long working life. The product passed the national safety and quality inspection.

【Usage】: The seat belt is a buckle, the device has a card wheel, the length of the belt can be adjusted, slowly pull the belt, the belt buckle into the card wheel to lock the seat belt, the motorcycle The baby in the back seat and herself are fixed in the seat, thus ensuring that the baby can ride safely when driving the motorcycle. When you press the button on both sides directly, the buckle will pop up.



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