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[ Living ] European classical lit stained glass Tiffany Lighting / telephone station floor lamp Roman |

Описание товара

Application of space:Living room dining kitchen bedroom bathroom study other / other
[ Model ] :TF-10202

[ Shade Material ] : AdvancedStained glass / glass beads handmade lampshade

[ Base Material ] : iron , resin temperature paint ( brown ) Anti ancient manual for the old

[ Dimensions ] :Diameter 25 1cm (10 inches) * Height 70cm ( about )

[ Source ]: 220V 50Hz 2XE27 screw , Continental 303 key switch ( this baby without light Oh , this baby is recommended to use the electronic energy-saving tube , energy saving and environmental protection , oh ! )

[ Recommended places ] : VillaRoom / living room / sitting room / office / bar / Western restaurant / West dining table !

[ Features ] :TIFFANY art lighting inherited the nineteenth century American artist Mr. TIFFANY the original style , the exquisite craftsmanship and modern elegance , fun blend of classical , modern life embellished ray gentle, antique style.

[ How to buy ] :Restaurant has joined the " Consumer Protection ", please rest assured purchase, please visit carefully before making purchase Notes page. " Seven days no reason to return " service, guaranteed to make you " buy happy , at ease ," also please carefully optimistic about the baby. Avoid " no reason to return ." " No reason to return " by the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. In the back of the baby in the packaging intact and complete . After the seller sign, immediately return the money.

Tiffany Product Knowledge

1 , Tiffany lighting with colored glass, colored glass balls , or shape pattern made of colored glass , because of the color of stained glass in the production process by adding special materials generated , not the day after tomorrow pigments , so Tiffany lighting color is never changed. Stained glass in the process of mixing color material can not be mixed very evenly , and will not be a solid color , have more or less variegated .

2Our products must be made with colored glass , stained glass texture is not the same as ordinary glass , the easiest method is to determine the position of the glass with fire , the glass is not pillow melting , and certain plastic products 'll melt !

3 , Tiffany lamp shade is handmade products, with stained glass piece welded tin line , it belongs fragile, please be sure to gently !

4 , Tiffany style lighting is more rugged , with a painting style is similar , the most important feature is the different patterns can be made , or when you turn on the lights or far better appreciate its elegance and gorgeous.

5 , Tiffany lampshade in the production of oil will add a layer of protection , you can use a dry cloth before use to wipe oil on the glass , usually unpack placed twelve days of volatile oil stains will dry !

Buyers must-read

1 , We all goods are direct selling, low amount of walking , welcome to Amoy friends opened the store contact distribution plant products.
2 , please have your product photographed before , first to contact me and read the instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding , respect each other's work results and avoid photographed do not buy !

3, the restaurant has joined the " Consumer Protection " , if any product quality problems, the restaurant will be for you to solve . Shop as customers for God , will try to solve problems for customers , and until you are satisfied ! Please rest assured to buy , so you buy the rest assured that with the happy is our aim !

4, the service has always been our most valued , after you receive the goods have any questions you can contact resolved, I hope you do not easily lenient bad rating , it is a malicious complaint in the end we will Poor !

5 , it is recommended to use Alipay transaction , payment and delivery, we will promptly shipped after receipt of your money ! Require banks to fight money , please contact the owner to confirm bank account !

Delivery instructions

1, the restaurant does not earn the customer's freight, according to the actual shipping charge . Please shoot me kiss notice changes in the International after the payment , listed shipping is for reference only , the following delivery options for customers under normal circumstances .

2 , may be due to unpredictable factors ( weather and road conditions ) , and the delivery time to reach the place of the restaurant is for reference only .


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